Using PLCnext to Open Control

If you need Technology that integrates the openness of smart devices with the flexibility of a conventional PLC, then PLCnext is the real deal. The new PLCnext Technology from Phoenix Contact offers developers a reliable platform that incorporates the flexibility of open-source languages such as Linux with benefits of traditional IEC 61131 programming.

Since PLCnext Technology is totally an open-source platform, users can use Linux to access the central part of the product directly. This aspect gives users the power to design personal Linux-based apps or leverage the open-source community on an industrially secure control platform. In addition to this, PLCnext improves IEC 61131 PLC programming and even makes it easy to program controllers via high-level languages for actual performance and data.

PLCnext Technology – Open, Innovative, and IIoT-Ready

PLCnext is an open and innovative industrial technology platform that is filled with unlimited potentials. PLCnext is a technology that enhances the use of a PLC in methods that will unquestionably change the future of automation. This modern digital ecosystem gives users an open Linux environment for state-of-the-art computing. The open-source code gives users much more flexibility while the IoT systems provide them with access to plenty of data. PLCnext comes with an innovative development platform providing HTML5 visualisation as well as a smooth combination of high-level languages.

What are the Benefits of this Technology?

  • It is Linux Based – PLCnext Technology is Linux-based to allow users to directly and openly access the controller’s core part for almost unlimited innovative freedom.
  • It is Industrial Internet of Things-enabled – PLCnext Technology is IIoT-enabled with artless connection to leading platforms such as Azure, AWS, Google IoT, among others.
  • It is Innovative – PLCnext Technology offers a new programming environment for common PLC operations as well as incorporation with high-level languages.


Open and free access offers Linux-based developers to design new apps or move the existing apps into an established PLCnext Control hardware platform. With this platform, the lifecycle management for hardware control is reduced significantly while the IEC 62443-4-1 standardisation guarantees a protected product development lifecycle.

Developers can explore and benefit from the preprogrammed concepts and resources, giving the concepts a reasonable improvement. Besides, the features of the existing project can be adjusted to fit any needs. Community-Driven, open-source development is often much more effective, allows cross-platform collaboration, lowers cost, and gives a remarkable opportunity to grasp new programming skills for inventive apps.


When it comes to the technology world, you will always hear the words IIoT, IoT, and edge computing. In simple terms, users are obligated to collect data about a process or system. The good thing about PLCnext is that it has incorporated IIoT ability with a direct link to Phoenix Contact’s PROFICLOUD. This software is perfect for manageable data dashboarding. It also enables you to connect to third-party cloud applications like Google IoT, AWS, and Microsoft Azure for almost all options to get access to data.

PLCnext is both a control platform and a gateway to the future of cloud data. It can either be used individually or alongside an existing control system to collect data through I/O or network and then push it to the cloud.

With this capability, it means that all PLC users can use PLCnext alongside their current system while gathering control system data through PROFINET, Ethernet/IP, or MODBUS. This info is then pushed to the cloud instantly. System integrators, end-users, and machine builders can instantly make their processes and systems IIoT-enabled by incorporating PLCnext as access on the network.


PLCnext Engineer takes PLC programming to the next level. Developers are no longer restricted to one development platform as they can now use established programming IDEs like Eclipse, MATLAB Simulink, Microsoft Visual Studio, among others. These IDEs are used alongside PLCnext Engineer to enjoy an actual control with state-of-the-art computation.

Also, PLCnext Engineer gives users up-to-date visualisation via Adaptive Response and HTML5. The inbuilt visualisation tools that come with PLCnext Engineer makes it artless to visualise dedicated apps and simple machines on any modern gadgets like smartphones, IPCS and HMIs, laptops, and laptops.

PLCnext Ecosystem

PLCnext Technology has something for every user. The core values of PLCnext are IIoT-enabled, Innovative, and Linux-enabled. Nevertheless, get info about PLCnext Store, PLCnext Engineer, PROFICLOUD, and PLCnext Control below.

PLCnext Store

This is a modern repository for apps, libraries, and solutions for PLCnext control. This store gives you free access to apps and libraries as well as the ability to design your own shareable applications. Phoenix Contact’s primary goal is to ensure that PLCnext Store is a total online marketplace for suppliers and users across the world.

PLCnext Engineer

It comes with an innovative development platform with HTML5 visualisation, IEC 61131, as well as direct integration with PROFICLOUD and high-level languages.


This is an easy-to-use, secure, and simple dashboarding service made to connect data from PLCnext Control to the cloud directly. The service comes with incredible features.

PLCnext Control

This is the hardware that brings the state-of-the-art capability to PLCnext Technology. It includes I/O modules for virtually all sensor type.

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