QUINT POWER Family Expansion

QUINT POWER introduces new 12 V DC AC/DC power supply units

QUIT POWER family of power supplies from Phoenix Contact has introduced some two AC/DC power supplies that have a 12 V DC power output. These devices are in 7.5 A and 2.5 A options. Both of the options are approved for Division 2 and Class 1 as well as UL listed. The 2.5 A unit is also rated for NEC Class 2.

The QUINT POWER family of products from Phoenix Contact are expanding fast. Its QUINT POWER family of AC/D power supplies does include various low watt options that range from 30W to 100W. This class of low wattage supply units have advanced capabilities and functionality such as preventive function and a powerful dynamic boost.

The QUINT POWER family of low wattage units has maximum functionality and many other features such as the following:

  • It has an in-built preventive function monitor that comes with a signal output that can be adjusted. This enables remote digital and LED monitoring for the detection of critical states of operation before the occurrence of faults.
  • Its dynamic power-boosting feature allows you to boost power to 200 per cent of the prevailing nominal current for a maximum of five seconds. This option allows you to start inductive loads reliably without the disruption of the voltage at the output terminal.
  • It can boost static power permanently for a maximum of 125 per cent of the current nominal current. This gives users the ability to extend their system without having to connect to a large source of power (1.3 A and 2.5 A units).
  • You have a choice of screw or push-in connections
  • It is compact to enable you to save on space when the applications are hoped in small spaces.
  • It is highly efficient, therefore allowing you to save on energy, increased life of your power supply and low self-heating.
  • The devices can start at temperatures as low as -40°C thereby enabling operation even in extreme ambient temperature conditions
  • Class 1 Division 2 approved.
  • Some options work with NEC Class 2 for applications that limit current flows.

The family of the world’s leading power solutions now comes with miniature power solutions! The QUINT POWER premium solutions are in the market to enable compact applications while ensuring maximum functionality!

Additions to QUINT POWER Units Family

The QUINT POWER units’ family now comes with a 24 V DC and 12 V DC devices. These single-phase devices have capacities of a maximum of 100W. The units are low wattage devices with maximum functionality. They are made to meet critical power needs where high functionality and compact designs are needed. These QUINT POWER units offer wide opportunities for strategic and analytical applications in rigorous and ambient conditions. Their connection options include screw and push-in technologies for quick, flexible installation.

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