Improved security with the new Phoenix Contact firmware 

TC Router 4G LTE enjoys extended firewall functionality

Phoenix Contact has effectively extended the scope of functionality of its router products on rolling out the new firmware 2.05.1. The firmware can be downloaded at

With the TC Router, users can now remotely access SCADA networks and other control systems using a cellular network.

The router is a high quality mobile industrial router offering 4G LTE high-speed connectivity over mobile networks. It is approved for use with AT&T and Verizon networks. When using the router, users can initiate remote communications with CCTV surveillance, and PLCs or any other field device that is connected to the Ethernet to SCADA servers.

It uses the Virtual Private Network (VPN) and an integrated firewall for protection against unauthorised device access. The router has had good test results and therefore approved for use in very harsh environments. Besides, it has an energy savings mode for users who use batteries for various applications.

Your benefits:

  • Secure VPN and firewall protection
  • Offers high-speed 4G LTE Internet capabilities
  • Made for harsh industrial environments
  • Can be monitored via a control system or SMS
  • It offers an ‘alwayson’ connection to any remote equipment via a mobile network

Phoenix Contact’s TC router for industrial use comes in three versions; Verizon Wireless (US), AT&T (U.S.) and the European router version. Each of the versions has a firewall, IPsec, NAT, two Ethernet interfaces, SMS, OpenVPN support, two SMA-F antenna sockets, one digital output, two digital inputs and email transmission.

Common Industries

The Industrial LTE 4G router is ideal for use in gas, power oil, agriculture and water/wastewater industries for connection with HMIs, PLCs, CCTV cameras along with other Ethernet field to SCADA servers via cellular networks.

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